Why come?
The three most common reasons to have a Body MOT are:

you have a recurring injury or niggle, muscle soreness and/or tightness, or you've noticed a restriction in your range or quality of movement
to check for any underlying issues or predisposition to injury - whether as part of your lifestyle, your work set-up, or from some underlying postural or biomechanical imbalance
Whatever the reason, a body MOT is a fundamental part of a Rehabilitative approach to fitness - think of it as preventative maintenance for your body to keep you stronger, healthier, moving better, and pain- and injury-free for longer.

Over time, all of us develop a number of compensatory movement patterns - it could be to get around areas of weakness, or the result of an injury, or in response to a lifestyle-related issue (working at a desk, wearing high heels, using a laptop or tablet are amongst the usual culprits). We rarely know we're doing it, but over time it can lead to overuse of certain joints and before long, to pain, injury and dysfunction.

So if you think it's worth spending a little time to have an expert Physiotherapist assess your posture, movement patterns, range and quality of movement, to understand where you are now, what the issues may be, what's caused them, and what to do about it before they become painful, damaging or debilitating, then it's right for you.

1. Body Assessment
It is like a full-body MOT that shows any underlying postural or biomechanical imbalance.

This will likely include postural analysis, movement testing, strength testing, and digital photo analysis. We will identify and assess the areas that will be under the most strain from your activities, and that could compromise your ability to heal.

We'll look at any injuries/or pains you may have, any areas of tightness, what you're trying to achieve, and the lifestyle factors that are influencing your position or posture.

Your therapist will ask you a series of very specific questions to narrow down what could be going wrong and to understand the way your body behaves, and how it and you are functioning.

2. Hands-on Treatments
We will create a tailored treatment plan, based on our findings to lead you out of your pain or limitation.

Our therapies consist of a combination of specific technical skills to improve quality of movement, boost recovery and ease pain and include elements of soft tissue therapy that
relaxes sore or tight muscles as well as your mind.

We work globally rather than locally, what makes our therapies unbeatable.

There's no better way to ease tired and sore muscles, reduce injury risk, improve your recovery time after workouts and make sure little niggles don't turn into something bigger and nastier.

At this point we introduce our most effective skills in Deep Tissue and Sports Massage, Myofascial Release and Remedial Therapy

3. Exercise Therapy
Our body's pains and strains are caused by our lifestyle and daily posture.

At A&O, we teach you how to reverse the damage by applying a customised exercise regime into your daily routine. It will accelerate your healing process and prevent you from having more similar issues in future.

Exercise is a vital part of A&O care. So unlike the standard fitness industry model, our therapists will share information, techniques and insights to help ease your symptoms, identify and combat the underlying cause, and help speed up your recovery.


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