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Reflexology Glasgow

Why Choose Embody for your Reflexology in Glasgow?

  • All of our Reflexologists have years of experience and are fully insured and qualified
  • Our Reflexologists will give you feedback regarding any tender areas on your feet and will adjust your treatment depending on the feedback you give them
  • You can book your Reflelxology 24/7 using our secure online booking system
  • Reflexology is available daily during the week and until 8pm on Wednesdays and Thursdays
  • The Embody Clinic is easy to find. We have free parking outside the Clinic and are close to the M74 motorway, train station and main bus routes.
  • The Clinic is based on the ground floor so there are no stairs to negotiate and we have wheelchair access

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a complementary therapy based on the belief that there are reflex areas in the feet and hands which are believed to correspond to all organs and parts of the body.  Reflexology works on an individual basis and may alleviate and improve symptoms such as everyday stress and tension.

During a your reflexology session the reflexologist will take a detailed medical history. Sessions are usually performed in a comfortable chair or couch. You will be asked to remove footwear and socks but you won't have to remove any other clothing. Your reflexologist will make a visual and tactile examination of your feet before beginning the precise reflexology massage movements. The particular types of movements involved require the application of an appropriate pressure using the thumb and fingers.

Reflexology can be a wonderfully relaxing experience where you can take time out from everyday pressures.
Your therapist’s expert touch will help you relax which can help improve mood, aid sleep and relieve tension.

The result is an overall sense of well being.

Benefits of Reflexology

  • By applying pressure to the reflex points on the feet, the blood circulation is improved
  • Relaxes the body and organs and glands become balanced
  • Reflexology is fantastic for relaxing and clearing these blockages
  • Reduces tension
  • Improves the immune system

Reflexology is not ticklish as a firm pressure is used. If a particular part of the body is out of balance, the corresponding reflex may feel tender or sore during the treatment. It is important that you let your therapist know so they can note areas of tenderness and re-work these areas using different reflexology techniques.

How much will Reflexology cost?

  • 60 minutes £35

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